BAS Agents, Bookkeepers & Accountants – The difference

Nationwide Bookkeeping & Accountants Services

“What is the difference between accountants, bookkeepers and BAS Agents?” This is a question I hear often and one that I hope to answer in this article without going into too much detail.

On the surface, accountants assist business owners comply with their annual statutory obligations such as preparation of financial statements and income tax returns. They may also help businesses review their accounts throughout the year to assist in tax planning.

Bookkeepers, on the other hand are the day to day soldiers of the accounting world. They assist businesses with their data entry, accounts reconciliation, general record keeping, and accounts payable and receivable. Unless an employee of a business, they aren’t allowed to provide BAS services without a license which is where BAS Agents come into play.

BAS Agents are essentially licensed bookkeepers. Not only can they perform the same functions as bookkeepers but they are licensed to provide advice about BAS Provisions which include GST Law, Wine Equalisation Tax Law, Luxury Car Tax Law, Fuel Tax Law, Fringe Benefits Tax Law, PAYG (Pay As You Go) Withholding and PAYG Instalments. This includes interpreting any of these provisions in relation to your accounts. A BAS service also includes a service that the Tax Practitioners Board has declared, by way of a legislative instrument to be a BAS service.

But with all this, what makes us any different and sets us apart from all the others? Experience, networks, adaptability, and skills.

When you work with us, you get:

  • 15 years accounting experience from your BAS Agent
  • Quality of service
  • Project reporting specific to your needs
  • Help to manage your business needs, not just with finance but analysis, growth strategies and assistance with development of processes
  • We have connections with many other industries which can complement yours
  • We have access to the full range of financial services in partnership with a respected and longstanding local accounting firm, GJ North & Associates, to give you all the benefits of a cost-effective full service as you need, when you need it; and more!

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