Who We Are

Nationwide Bookkeeping & Accountants Services

Nationwide Bookkeeping & Accountants Services is based in Toowong, Queensland. Though, we started in Western Australia in 2010 and moved to Brisbane in 2017.

We believe in providing quality services at reasonable prices as we understand what it’s like to start a new adventure in business.

Because we want to and not just because we have to, we have the following registrations, education and experience:

  • Registered BAS Agent: 18296009
  • Certificate IV of Accounting
  • Public Practise Certificate with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (Member)
  • Fellow Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians
  • Holds Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Over 10 years Accounting and Taxation Experience

As part of the guidelines for maintaining the registrations, we are always studying materials of importance, attend continuing professional education events (CPD/CPE) and various networking sessions. Unfortunately, all these come at a price which is why we need to charge what we do. If we didn’t study, if we didn’t continuously update our knowledge, we could not provide you with a quality service and to us, that’s just not how you play cricket.

Over time, you’ll learn that we love all things internet (and android). Most of our work, preferred bookkeeping & accounting programs, client relationship management, seminars and even delivery of data is done by way of the internet. Most of our correspondence is done by way of email – especially as we are often visiting clients. We love this because it makes our life simpler especially as all correspondence is collected, filed and managed securely – not necessarily on scraps of paper underneath someone else’s job. And as our life is simpler, we can help make yours simpler too!

We do understand that not everyone is comfortable with the online revolution (although we secretly know you use it since you’re perusing this website). But we ask this: do you use internet banking, buy movie &/or event tickets online and use gmail, hotmail, yahoo or other forms of email? So why not manage your bookkeeping or your shop via the internet as well?